Aquatica Weight Problems

Ok if you’re thinking of going to this place and are a large dude like me. 250 pounds plus! Save your money go to Typhoon Lagoon or any other water park that doesn’t discriminate on size. Example they have a weight max for two riders 400 pounds. But if you’re over 250 pounds and you’re partner is 60 and the scale says the totals under 400 pounds total. They aren’t going let you ride cause you’re over 250! Even though you’re both under the 400 pounds limit for 2 rides!!! That means you only can ride one slide in the whole park that’s available a for rider up to 300 pounds. Like I said save your time and embarrassment having to walk back down with your kid cause the weight machine gave you the green light for two riders at the bottom of the tower. But the lifeguard at the top says you’re too heavy and makes you have to walk back down . It’s a shame walk and B.S. if you have a 400 pound weight limit for two people anyone under that stated weight should be able to ride! Not this B.S. rule of 250 limit for single riders. Like I said save your money go to Typhoon Lagoon blizzard beach anywhere else.